How to Complete GTL Challenge in Bitlife (Full Guide)

To complete the GTL Challenge in BitLife, you’ll be embracing a lifestyle that’s all about transformation and luxury, inspired by the iconic “Gym, Tan, Laundry” routine. This challenge is a fun and quirky way to experience the game, focusing on a specific set of goals that revolve around personal improvement and living a lavish lifestyle. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you complete the GTL Challenge successfully:

1. Be Born a Male in New Jersey

  • Start a new life in BitLife and make sure your character is male and born in New Jersey. This sets the stage for your GTL challenge, paying homage to the famous reality TV culture associated with the state.

2. Go to the Gym Only Once After Age 18

  • Once your character turns 18, head to the Activities tab and find the Gym option. The challenge specifies that you should only go to the gym once after reaching this age, so make it count! This step is about embracing the “G” in GTL for “Gym.”

3. Get a Spray Tan

  • Next up is the “T” for “Tan.” After your gym visit, look for the option to get a spray tan. This can usually be found under the Salon and Spa section in Activities. Getting a spray tan will not only boost your looks but also aligns perfectly with the GTL aesthetic.

4. Undergo a Penis Enlargement Surgery

  • This step adds an unusual twist to the challenge. Once you’re financially stable (you might need a job for this), navigate to the Plastic Surgery section under Activities. Here, you’ll find the option for a penis enlargement surgery. Go ahead and undergo this procedure to tick another box off the GTL Challenge list.

5. Own a Lambo

  • The final piece of the puzzle is living the high life by owning a Lamborghini, symbolizing the luxury lifestyle associated with the GTL mantra. Accumulate enough money through your job or other means. Then, check the Assets tab for car dealerships until you find a Lamborghini for sale. Purchase it to complete this step.


Tips for Success:

  • Financial Stability: Ensure you have a good job or another source of income to afford the spray tan, surgery, and, most importantly, the Lamborghini.
  • Stay Healthy: Since you’re only hitting the gym once, focus on maintaining your health in other ways to ensure your character lives a long, prosperous life to achieve all the challenge objectives.
  • Check Regularly for Opportunities: The availability of certain activities like buying a Lamborghini can vary. Regularly check the game to catch the right opportunities.

Completing the GTL Challenge in BitLife is a fun way to engage with the game’s unique blend of life simulation and quirky objectives. Remember, the key to success in any BitLife challenge is to adapt and make the most of the opportunities your virtual life presents. Enjoy the journey from “looking’ jacked hideous to lookin’ fresh” and the satisfaction of ticking off every requirement of the GTL Challenge!



BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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