How to Complete the Pushing Roses Challenge in BitLife (Full Guide)

The Pushing Roses Challenge in BitLife takes players on a dark and twisted journey, one that tests the limits of morality and seeks redemption in the aftermath of a grave decision. In this challenge, players are tasked with overcoming the ultimate betrayal, suggesting that your character’s mother has been a hindrance rather than a support, leading to drastic measures. Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating this complex challenge, ensuring you embody the narrative that “she deserves what’s coming for her,” as everyone seems to agree.

Step 1: Be Born a Female in Louisiana

Your first step is to create a new character, a female born in Louisiana. This specific location sets the stage for your story, imbuing it with the unique cultural and legal backdrop of the state.

Step 2: Murder Your Mother at Age 23

The core of this challenge involves committing an unthinkable act at the age of 23: murdering your mother. This action is portrayed as a consequence of her being a negative force in your life. To successfully complete this step:

  • Navigate through your life until you reach the age of 23.
  • Choose the “Crime” option from the activities menu, then select “Murder.”
  • Pick your mother as the target for this grim task.

This step requires careful planning, as getting caught immediately impacts the next stages of the challenge.

Step 3: Go to Prison for 10 Years

Following the act, your character must face the consequences of their actions by going to prison. The challenge specifies a 10-year sentence, which means you might need to manage your defense in a way that aligns with this requirement. Here’s how:

  • If you’re caught and arrested, choose to go to trial. Depending on the severity of your actions and your lawyer’s competence, you might be sentenced to a specific duration.
  • If your initial sentence is not exactly 10 years, you can appeal or attempt to escape and get caught to adjust the length of your sentence.

Step 4: Write a Memoir After Leaving Prison

After serving time, your character seeks redemption and understanding through writing. Once released from prison:

  • Navigate to the “Job” section and look for the “Freelance Gigs” option, or find a job that allows you to write, such as a writer or journalist, if available.
  • Focus on writing a memoir. This may involve several attempts and years, as you’ll need to balance finding a publisher with the content of your memoir.

Step 5: Marry Someone Within 2 Years of Leaving Prison

The final step of the challenge is to find love and marry within two years after your release from prison. This represents a new beginning and the possibility of happiness after a tumultuous past. To achieve this:

  • Use the “Date” function under activities to meet new people.
  • Engage in relationships and build them until you can propose.
  • Ensure you get married within the two-year timeframe to complete the challenge.

Tips for Success:

  • Manage Your Reputation: Your actions will significantly affect how others perceive you. Work on improving your reputation after prison to ease your path to marriage.
  • Financial Stability: Writing a memoir and getting married require financial resources. Look for legal ways to earn money after your release.
  • Emotional Health: This challenge involves heavy themes. Focus on maintaining your character’s happiness and health throughout the challenge to prevent negative outcomes.

Completing the Pushing Roses Challenge in BitLife is an exercise in storytelling, blending dark decisions with a quest for redemption. It’s a reminder of the complex narratives that can unfold in the game, offering players a chance to explore the consequences of their actions and the possibility of a new beginning.



BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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