How to Complete the Raving Lunar-tic Challenge in BitLife (Full Guide)


The Raving Lunar-tic Challenge in BitLife is a unique and intriguing task that combines the ambitious career of an astronaut with a challenging personal life. In this challenge, you’ll step into the shoes of an astronaut who’s navigating the complexities of life while dealing with an alcohol addiction. Here’s your step-by-step guide to mastering this challenge.

Understanding the Challenge

The Raving Lunar-tic Challenge requires players to:

  1. Be born in Oregon.
  2. Become an astronaut.
  3. Drink at the club 5+ times.
  4. Maintain an alcohol addiction.
  5. Retrieve 2+ lunar artifacts while addicted to alcohol.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Starting in Oregon:

  • Begin a new life in Oregon. This is a straightforward task; simply choose Oregon as your birthplace when creating your new character.

2. Becoming an Astronaut:

  • Focus on excelling academically from a young age. Pay attention to your studies and maintain high grades.
  • Engage in science-related activities and maintain good health and fitness, as these are crucial for a career in space exploration.
  • Attend university and major in a field related to space or science, like physics or astronomy.
  • Gain experience by working in a related field, such as a pilot or the military, which can be stepping stones to becoming an astronaut.

3. Drinking at the Club:

  • Once you’re of legal age, visit clubs and drink at least five times. This step initiates the path towards developing an alcohol addiction, which is a key part of the challenge.

4. Maintaining an Alcohol Addiction:

  • Continue consuming alcohol to develop and maintain an addiction. This can be a delicate balance, as you need to manage your addiction without letting it derail your career as an astronaut.

5. Retrieving Lunar Artifacts:

  • As an astronaut, you will have opportunities to go on space missions. During these missions, aim to retrieve at least two lunar artifacts.
  • Completing space missions while battling alcohol addiction adds a layer of complexity to this challenge.

Tips for Success

  • Academic and Career Focus: Prioritize your education and career path to ensure you become an astronaut.
  • Balancing Addiction: Managing your alcohol addiction without compromising your career is crucial. Regularly check your addiction level and health.
  • Opportunities in Space: Be on the lookout for missions that offer the chance to retrieve lunar artifacts.

The Raving Lunar-tic Challenge in BitLife is a test of balance and perseverance, requiring players to juggle a demanding career with personal struggles. By following this guide and carefully managing both aspects of your character’s life, you can complete this unique and challenging scenario in BitLife.

BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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