How to Complete the Tis Giving Challenge in BitLife (Full Guide)

The ‘Tis Giving Challenge in BitLife is a unique quest that focuses on generosity and cunning. This guide will help you navigate through the challenge’s specific requirements.

Understanding the Challenge

The ‘Tis Giving Challenge in BitLife involves a mix of generous acts and a daring escape. The tasks include:

  1. Give your best friend a mansion.
  2. Give your mother something worth $1M+.
  3. Give your father something worth $1M+.
  4. Give blood 5+ times.
  5. Give prison guards the slip.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Gifting a Mansion to Your Best Friend: Accumulate enough wealth to afford a mansion. Once you have the mansion, gift it to your best friend. This requires maintaining a strong friendship and having substantial financial resources.
  2. Million-Dollar Gifts for Parents: You need to give both your mother and father gifts that are worth over $1 million each. This could be property, cars, or expensive jewelry. Earning and saving money is key here.
  3. Donating Blood: A simpler task, donate blood at least five times. This can be done periodically and is a straightforward process in the game.
  4. Escaping Prison: The most challenging part of this quest is to give prison guards the slip, which means you need to escape from prison. This might involve committing a crime to get into prison and then successfully planning and executing an escape.

Tips for Success

  • Financial Planning: Focus on careers or activities that generate high income to afford the expensive gifts.
  • Maintain Relationships: Keep a strong bond with your best friend and parents to ensure successful gifting.
  • Strategic Crime and Escape: For the prison escape, choose a crime that leads to imprisonment but plan your escape carefully to avoid extended sentences.

The ‘Tis Giving Challenge in BitLife is a blend of generosity and cunning, offering players a unique experience in the game. By focusing on wealth accumulation, maintaining strong relationships, and planning a strategic prison escape, you can complete this challenge and enjoy the diverse gameplay of BitLife.


BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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