How to Complete The Tortured Artist Challenge in BitLife (Full Guide)

In the pixelated universe of BitLife, challenges offer players a canvas to paint their virtual lives with strokes of creativity, ambition, and sometimes, a dash of chaos. The Tortured Artist Challenge is a homage to the struggles and triumphs of creative minds, urging players to channel their inner modern Van Gogh. This challenge is not just about achieving fame or fortune; it’s about transforming pain into passion, embodying the true essence of a tortured artist. Here’s how you can complete this poignant challenge, step by step.

Step 1: Begin Your Story in Illinois

Your first brushstroke on this canvas involves creating a new character, a female born in the culturally rich state of Illinois. This setting lays the groundwork for your journey, offering a backdrop of artistic inspiration and the struggles that come with it.

Step 2: Pursue a Career as a Painter

To truly embody the spirit of Van Gogh, you must become a painter. This involves:

  • Focusing on artistic activities from a young age, enhancing your character’s creativity and skill.
  • Once of age, seek out a career path that allows you to become a painter. This might mean starting as an apprentice or taking a lower-level job in the arts sector and working your way up.

Step 3: Insult 5+ Different People

The path of a tortured artist is often marked by tumultuous relationships. In this challenge, you’re required to insult at least five different people. This can be done through the “Relationships” tab, selecting individuals you interact with and choosing the “Insult” option. This step symbolizes the conflicts and emotional turmoil that can accompany a life dedicated to art.

Step 4: Recover from an Alcohol Addiction

Many artists have turned to various vices as a means of coping with their inner demons. In this challenge, your character must overcome an alcohol addiction, representing the struggle and eventual triumph over personal battles. To achieve this:

  • Engage in activities that lead to developing an alcohol addiction.
  • Once addicted, seek help through the “Rehab” option under the “Activities” tab, showcasing your character’s journey towards recovery and self-improvement.

Step 5: Troll 5+ People on Social Media After They’ve Trolled You

The modern world has introduced new arenas for conflict, including social media. After being trolled by others on social media, you must troll back at least five individuals. This reflects the contentious relationship between artists and their critics in the digital age. To complete this step:

  • Ensure your character has an active social media presence.
  • When trolled, use the option to respond or retaliate against those individuals, highlighting the defensive and sometimes aggressive stance artists might take to protect their work and persona.


Crafting Your Masterpiece: Tips for Success

  • Embrace the Journey: The Tortured Artist Challenge is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Embrace each step, from the lows of addiction to the highs of artistic achievement.
  • Balance Emotion and Strategy: While the challenge encourages you to channel pain into passion, remember to balance emotional responses with strategic gameplay to ensure your artist’s success and well-being.
  • Cultivate Your Craft: Regularly engage in activities that improve your painting skill and creativity, ensuring your status as a renowned artist in the BitLife universe.

Completing the Tortured Artist Challenge in BitLife is a testament to the resilience and creativity of the human spirit. It’s an invitation to explore the depths of artistic passion, the struggles that accompany it, and the triumph of overcoming personal demons to leave a mark on the world. Channel your pain into your passion, and paint your BitLife story with the vibrant colors of success and redemption.


BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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