How to Complete the Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife (Full Guide)

The Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife is a unique and mischievous adventure for players. This guide will provide you with a detailed approach to completing this challenge.

Understanding the Challenge

The Grumpmas Challenge requires players to follow a specific set of tasks that revolve around a rather grumpy and mischievous lifestyle. The tasks are:

  1. Be born a male in Nova Scotia.
  2. Insult 5+ primary school classmates.
  3. Pirate 10+ porches at age 18+.
  4. Burgle 5+ houses.
  5. Marry someone with 80%+ Looks.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Starting in Nova Scotia: Create a new male character born in Nova Scotia. This sets the geographical stage for your challenge.
  2. Insulting Classmates: While in primary school, engage in activities that allow you to insult your classmates. You’ll need to do this to at least five different classmates.
  3. Pirating Porches: Once your character reaches 18 years old, start pirating porches. This means stealing items from people’s porches, and you’ll need to do this at least ten times.
  4. Burgling Houses: In addition to porch pirating, your character must also burgle at least five houses. This task requires a bit of strategy and timing to avoid getting caught.
  5. Marrying for Looks: Finally, your character needs to find and marry someone with a looks rating of 80% or higher. This involves dating and building relationships until you find the right person.

Tips for Success

  • Choose Your Actions Wisely: Each task in the challenge requires specific actions, so choose wisely to align with your goals.
  • Stay Out of Trouble: While engaging in mischievous activities, be cautious to avoid serious consequences that could derail your challenge.
  • Focus on Relationships: For the marriage task, invest time in building relationships and finding the right partner with the required looks rating.

The Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife offers players a chance to engage in a series of unique and challenging tasks. By following this guide and focusing on each specific requirement, you can complete the challenge and enjoy the diverse and entertaining gameplay that BitLife is known for.

BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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