How to Complete Sterling Spy Challenge in bitlife (Full Guide)

Embarking on the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife is not just about playing a game; it’s about asserting dominance in a thrilling world of espionage and corporate rivalry. This guide will walk you through the audacious steps necessary to complete this intricate challenge. Remember, the goal is to show everyone that you mean serious business!

1. Starting Your Journey First things first, your character must be a female born in New York. This bustling metropolis is not just a hub of opportunity but also the perfect backdrop for your future clandestine activities. Ensure that your character has good stats, particularly in smarts and looks, as these will play a critical role in climbing the corporate ladder and later in managing covert operations.

2. Climbing the Corporate Ladder Before you can run a spy agency, you need to prove your worth in the corporate world. Aim to get a college degree that aligns with a business or management career path. Subsequently, look for jobs that will pave the way to becoming a CEO. Patience and strategic career moves are key here. Attend business school if possible, and always opt for promotions and network extensively to accelerate your career progression.

3. Establishing Your Spy Agency Once you’ve reached the pinnacle of your corporate career as a CEO, it’s time to venture into the shadows. Start a spy agency cleverly disguised within a mundane laundromat. This facade is not just for cover; it’s a strategic choice, blending the ordinary with the extraordinary, making your operations virtually undetectable.

4. The Heist of the Century Your spy agency should aim to infiltrate and steal at least $5 million from a single rival spy agency. This task requires building a team of highly skilled spies, investing in the right technology, and planning meticulously. The success of this operation will not only boost your finances but also your notoriety in the spy world.

5. The Ultimate Betrayal Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the Sterling Spy Challenge is the commissioning of your spies to assassinate at least three ex-lovers. This dark twist requires careful selection of targets and flawless execution, literally. Ensure your agency has airtight alibis and the best cleanup crews.

Completing the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife is a testament to your strategic acumen and ruthlessness. This guide provides the roadmap, but your ingenuity and decisiveness will determine your success. Embrace the challenge, and take your place as a legendary spymaster in the virtual world of BitLife.


BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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