How to Complete the Lady Luck Challenge in BitLife (Full Guide)

In BitLife, the Lady Luck Challenge offers players a unique blend of skill, strategy, and, as the name suggests, a bit of luck. This challenge requires players to navigate a series of specific life choices and events, culminating in a story of success, wealth, and a touch of magic. Here’s how you can complete the Lady Luck Challenge in BitLife.

Key Objectives of the Lady Luck Challenge

  1. Be born a female in Nevada.
  2. Become a famous mobile app developer.
  3. Win $1M+ in casino winnings.
  4. Win $5M+ in divorce settlements.
  5. Have the witch doctor cure an illness.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Starting in Nevada:

  • Begin a new life as a female character in Nevada. This state is known for its casinos, making it an ideal starting point for the Lady Luck Challenge.

2. Becoming a Famous Mobile App Developer:

  • Focus on high intelligence from a young age. Engage in activities that boost your smarts, like reading books and studying hard.
  • Pursue a university degree in a field like Computer Science.
  • Start your career in the tech industry, specifically aiming for a job in mobile app development.
  • Work hard to excel in your career and gain fame as a successful app developer.

3. Winning Big in Casinos:

  • Visit casinos and play games like Blackjack or Poker. The goal is to accumulate over $1 million in winnings.
  • This step requires a blend of strategy and luck. It’s wise to start with smaller bets and increase them as your winnings grow.

4. Amassing Wealth through Divorce Settlements:

  • Marry wealthy individuals. The key here is to choose partners with a high net worth.
  • Unfortunately, to achieve this challenge objective, you will need to divorce these partners. Aim for a total of $5 million or more in divorce settlements.

5. Seeking the Witch Doctor’s Cure:

  • Contract an illness, which can happen randomly throughout your character’s life.
  • Once ill, visit the witch doctor for a cure. This is a bit of a gamble, as the witch doctor’s remedies can have a range of outcomes.


Tips for Success

  • Smart Financial Management: Be cautious with your money, especially when gambling in casinos.
  • Patience in Career Development: Building a career as a famous app developer takes time. Focus on making the right educational and career choices.
  • Strategic Marriages: Choose your partners wisely, focusing on their financial status to meet the divorce settlement goal.
  • Health and Wellness: Keep an eye on your health throughout the game, as this will be crucial when seeking a cure from the witch doctor.



The Lady Luck Challenge in BitLife is a test of your strategic planning, decision-making, and a bit of fortune. By following this guide and making smart choices in your BitLife character’s career, personal life, and health, you can successfully complete the challenge and enjoy the thrilling journey it offers.



BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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