How to become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife?

In BitLife, a virtual life simulation game, there is no specific career path to becoming a brain surgeon. However, you can increase your chances of becoming one by following these steps:

  1. Focus on your education: In BitLife, you can choose to study biology and medicine in high school and college. The higher your education level, the more likely you are to become a brain surgeon.
  2. Choose a medical career: After completing your education, choose a medical career, such as a doctor, surgeon or neurologist, to increase your chances of becoming a brain surgeon.
  3. Take brain surgery classes: Once you reach medical school, you can take classes in brain surgery. This will increase your chances of becoming a brain surgeon later in the game.
  4. Be patient: Becoming a brain surgeon in BitLife takes time and patience. Keep playing and eventually, you will get the opportunity to become one.

Note that brain surgeon is not available as a career in the game, and the game mechanics can change in future updates.

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