How to become a Clown in BitLife?

In BitLife, a mobile life simulation game, you can become a clown by following these steps:

  1. Start a new game and play through your character’s childhood and teenage years.
  2. When you reach adulthood, go to the “Career” section and select “Arts.”
  3. Select “Performing Arts” as your profession and work your way up through the ranks by completing tasks and earning promotions.
  4. Once you have reached a high enough level in the Performing Arts profession, you may be offered the option to become a clown.
  5. As a clown, you will be responsible for performing comedic acts, magic tricks, and other stunts for audiences.
  6. You will need to continue to work in the profession to earn money and advance your career.

Please note that this game is a fictional game and the steps and requirements to become a clown in real life may differ from those in BitLife. To become a clown in real life, you usually need to have a certain level of skill in comedic performance and be comfortable working in front of an audience. You may also need to attend a clown school or training program to develop the necessary skills and knowledge.

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