How to become a Family Physician in BitLife?

In BitLife, a mobile game, to become a Family Physician, you will need to start a new life and make choices that lead you to a career in the medical field. Here are the steps you can take to become a Family Physician in the game:


  1. Start a new life and work hard in school to get good grades.
  2. After graduating high school, go to college and study pre-med.
  3. After graduation, attend medical school and make sure to get good grades to increase your chances of getting into a good residency program.
  4. After finishing medical school, complete a 3-year Family Medicine Residency.
  5. Pass the Family Medicine certification exam.
  6. Look for a job as a Family Physician or start your own practice.

Keep in mind that the game’s version or updates may affect the steps, but this is a general idea of how to pursue this career in the game.

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