How to complete The 100 Challenge in BitLife

The 100 Challenge in BitLife is a player-created challenge that involves starting a new life and trying to reach the age of 100.

Here are some steps you can take to complete the challenge:

  1. Start a new life and choose a character who is a newborn.
  2. Prioritize your health by making healthy choices such as exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet.
  3. Avoid engaging in dangerous or risky activities such as smoking, drinking, and drugs.
  4. Try to maintain good relationships with family and friends.
  5. Try to keep your stress levels low and practice stress management techniques such as meditation or yoga.
  6. Keep playing the game and making healthy choices until you reach the age of 100 and complete the challenge.

To complete The 100 Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Be 100 years old
  • Have a bank balance of exactly $100
  • Have 100% Happiness
  • Have 100% Health
  • Have 100% Smarts
  • Have 100% Looks

It’s important to note that this challenge can be difficult to complete and may take multiple attempts. Also, the game’s events and choices can be random, so it’s important to make the best decisions based on the information available to you. And, it’s important to note that the game’s maximum age is 100, so reaching that age would complete the challenge.

BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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