How to Complete the Around the Block Challenge (Full Guide)

To complete challenges in BitLife, you generally need to follow the specific objectives or requirements provided by the challenge. Here are some general tips to help you complete challenges:

  1. Check the challenges: Open the BitLife app and navigate to the challenge section. This is usually found in the main menu or under a specific tab labeled “Challenges.” Look for the “Around the Block” challenge if it exists.
  2. Read the objectives: Once you’ve found the “Around the Block” challenge, read the objectives and requirements carefully. Take note of what needs to be accomplished in order to complete the challenge.
  3. Plan your actions: Based on the objectives, plan your actions accordingly. This may involve making specific life choices, achieving certain milestones, or meeting specific criteria.
  4. Execute your plan: Begin a new life or continue with an existing character and start taking actions aligned with the challenge objectives. Make choices and decisions that move you closer to completing the challenge.
  5. Monitor progress: Keep track of your progress by regularly checking the challenge objectives. This will help you see how close you are to completing the challenge and whether any adjustments to your strategy are needed.
  6. Persist and adapt: Challenges in BitLife can sometimes be complex or require multiple attempts. If you fail to complete the challenge, learn from your mistakes and try again. Adapt your strategy if necessary and persist until you succeed.

Also, to complete Complete the Around the Block Challenge, you will need to achieve the following objectives.

  • Be born a female in Illinois
  • Rent out more than 15 homes
  • Have at least one baby with more than ten tenants
  • Break up with more than five tenants
  • Murder a spouse via a drive-by

Please note that specific details about the “Around the Block” challenge are not available to me, as it may have been introduced in a recent update. Therefore, it’s best to refer to the game itself or the official BitLife resources for accurate information about the challenge and its objectives.

Remember, BitLife regularly updates its content, so staying up to date with the latest version of the game and exploring the challenges section will help you find and complete any specific challenges, including the “Around the Block” challenge if it exists.

BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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