How to Complete the Honey, Honey Challenge in BitLife

BitLife Honey, Honey Challenge

BitLife, the immersive life simulation game, is known for its unique and engaging challenges. One such challenge that has been creating a buzz among players is the Honey, Honey Challenge. This challenge requires players to follow a specific set of tasks, starting with being born in North Dakota and ending with emigrating to Greece. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to ace this challenge.

Starting Your Life in North Dakota

The first step in the Honey, Honey Challenge is to start a new life as a female in Fargo, North Dakota. To do this, select ‘Female’ as your starting gender and ‘United States’ as your country during character creation. Make sure to choose Fargo as your starting city to successfully complete this task.

Becoming a Beekeeper

Once your character turns 18, you can start looking for full-time jobs. The Honey, Honey Challenge requires you to become a beekeeper. To find this job, browse through the job list until you come across ‘Apprentice Beekeeper’. Apply for the job and ace the interview to start your career as a beekeeper. Don’t worry about having any prior work experience or university education – it’s not needed for this role!

Hooking Up and Starting a Family

After securing your job as a beekeeper, it’s time to start hooking up. The challenge requires you to hook up with at least three people while working as a beekeeper. However, you must have a baby with only one of your hookups. To achieve this, initiate encounters and avoid using protection until your character becomes pregnant. Once pregnant, you can continue hooking up until you reach the required number of three.

Emigrating to Greece

The final task in the Honey, Honey Challenge is to emigrate to Greece after giving birth. To do this, go back to Activities, select ‘Emigrate’, and look for Greece in the location list. If Greece doesn’t appear initially, close and reopen the menu until it shows up. You can either request approval or use a Golden Passport (if you have one) to emigrate from the US to Greece.

Keeping a Clean Record

Throughout the Honey, Honey Challenge, it’s crucial to maintain a clean criminal record. Any criminal activities could jeopardize your chances of getting a beekeeping job or emigrating to Greece.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully complete the Honey, Honey Challenge in BitLife. Remember, the key to success in BitLife is patience and strategic decision-making. Good luck, and happy gaming!

BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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