How to Complete the Jolene Challenge in BitLife (Full Guide)

The Jolene Challenge in BitLife is a spicy and intriguing quest that requires you to live as an attractive female who engages in intimate relations with someone else’s partner. This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully complete this challenge.

The Tasks

To complete the Jolene Challenge, you must accomplish the following five tasks:

  1. Be born a female in Tennessee
  2. Have 100% Looks
  3. Work at a bank
  4. Hook up with someone else’s man
  5. Get a breast augmentation

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

1. Birth and Location

  • Start a New Life: Create a new character who is female.
  • Location: Choose the United States as her starting country and Nashville, Tennessee, as her city.

2. Achieving 100% Looks

  • Initial Stats: Try to have a character born with high looks.
  • Improving Looks: You can raise your looks by going to the gym, going for walks, or getting plastic surgery.

3. Working at a Bank

  • Education: Age up your character until you turn 18 and then apply for a finance degree in university.
  • Job Search: After graduating, look for a banker career in the full-time jobs list.

4. Hooking Up with Someone Else’s Man

  • Finding a Partner: Go to Activities > Love > Hook Up and look for options until you find someone who is married.

5. Getting a Breast Augmentation

  • Procedure: Head into Activities > Plastic Surgery > Breast Augmentation.
  • Choosing a Surgeon: Opt for a reputable surgeon and be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep your criminal record clean.
  • Make money early to afford cosmetic surgery.
  • There is a risk of a botched surgery, so choose your surgeon carefully.

Completing the Jolene Challenge in BitLife is a thrilling experience that tests your decision-making and strategic planning skills. With this guide, you’re well-equipped to conquer this challenge and add another feather to your BitLife cap.

BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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