How to Complete the Thank You, Next Challenge in Bitlife (Full Guide)

BitLife’s “Thank You, Next” Challenge offers an engaging and unique experience within the life simulation game. Here’s a comprehensive guide to completing the challenge, which involves a series of specific actions related to relationships and lifestyle choices:

1. Be Born a Female in Florida

  • Character Creation: Start by creating a new character in BitLife. Choose a female character and ensure that her birthplace is in Florida. The available cities in Florida are Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando​.

2. Go Out with 5+ Different People in Secondary School

  • Dating Strategy: Once your character reaches secondary school, start dating. If your character has a high look stat, she will likely receive date invitations. If not, use the Dating App option under the Activities tab to go on dates. Aim to date at least five different people before graduating from secondary school​.

3. Break Off 3+ Different Engagements

  • Advancing Relationships: After extensive dating in secondary school, the next step is to get engaged several times. Find a boyfriend, then enhance the relationship by spending time together, giving gifts, and complimenting. Once they propose, accept the engagement but don’t plan the wedding. Instead, break off the engagement. Repeat this process at least three times​.

4. Divorce 2+ Different Spouses

  • Marriage and Divorce: Unlike breaking off engagements, this time you’ll need to go through with the wedding. Plan the wedding with your partner, and after getting married, initiate a divorce from the Relationships tab. You will need to go through this process with at least two different spouses​.

5. Adopt 5+ Cats After Your Second Divorce

  • Becoming a Cat Owner: After the second divorce, turn to the Activities tab and select the Pets menu. You have options to adopt cats from the Pet Store, Cat Breeders, or Shelter. Adopt at least five cats to complete this final step of the challenge​.

The “Thank You, Next” Challenge in BitLife is a testament to the game’s ability to simulate diverse life scenarios. This challenge requires players to navigate through a series of relationship-oriented tasks, portraying the complexities of dating, engagement, marriage, and even pet ownership. It highlights the engaging and sometimes whimsical aspects of the game, offering players a creative and entertaining way to explore different facets of life decisions.

BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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