How to Get Space Artifacts in BitLife: (Full Guide)

The allure of space has always captivated humanity, and in BitLife, players can embark on thrilling space missions, interact with extraterrestrials, and even discover rare space artifacts. These artifacts not only serve as proof of your cosmic adventures but also as unique souvenirs that can impress fellow astronauts and Bitizens alike. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get space artifacts in BitLife.

1. The Astronaut Path

To venture into space and discover artifacts, you must first become an astronaut.

  • Pursue a STEM Degree: Begin by enrolling in a university and obtaining a STEM degree.
  • Join the Space Program: After your degree, join your country’s space program and work your way up the ranks.

2. Embarking on Lunar and Martian Missions

Space artifacts can be found during specific missions:

  • Lunar Missions: Once you achieve the rank of Major, you’ll be eligible for Lunar exploration missions. These missions offer a chance to discover artifacts on the moon.
  • Martian Missions: To explore Mars, you’ll need to attain the rank of General. Martian missions provide opportunities to find unique artifacts on the red planet.

3. Discovering Space Artifacts

As you explore the moon and Mars:

  • Chance Discoveries: During your missions, you might come across special artifacts. A popup message will notify you of a discovery.
  • Collect or Leave: Upon finding an artifact, you’ll have the option to either pick it up or leave it alone. Choosing to collect it adds the artifact to your discoveries menu.
  • Persistence is Key: It’s essential to note that finding an artifact is not guaranteed on every mission. Continue embarking on missions until you discover these cosmic treasures.

4. Showcasing Your Artifacts

Once you’ve collected space artifacts:

  • Discoveries Menu: Your artifacts can be viewed in the discoveries menu under “Lunar and Martian Artifacts,” depending on the planet of origin.
  • Interact with Artifacts: You can write a peer review about your artifact, donate it to a museum, sell it, or even play with it. These interactions add depth to your BitLife experience and can also generate income or boost your reputation.

Conclusion: Charting the Cosmos

BitLife’s space exploration feature offers players a unique blend of adventure, discovery, and science. Whether you’re looking to add rare artifacts to your collection, engage in cosmic research, or simply enjoy the thrill of space travel, the game provides a plethora of opportunities to satiate your cosmic curiosity.

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BitLife is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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