How to Join a Storage Unit Auction in BitLife

In the vast and dynamic world of BitLife, players have the opportunity to delve into various activities, including participating in storage unit auctions. With the introduction of the Black Market pack, Bitizens can now explore the thrilling world of auctions and potentially discover valuable treasures. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to join a storage unit auction in BitLife.

1. The Black Market Pack

The journey to storage unit auctions begins with the Black Market pack. Within this pack, players will find a prominent button in the shopping category labeled “storage unit auction house.” However, upon tapping it, a message appears stating that only “serious collectors” can participate.

2. Unlocking Storage Unit Auctions

To gain access to the storage unit auction house:

  • Participate in Regular Auctions: Engage in regular auctions available in BitLife. After participating in several auctions, players will receive an invitation to a storage unit auction.
  • Accept the Invitation: Upon receiving the invitation, players can choose to either decline or participate. Opting to participate will immediately start the auction and unlock storage unit auctions for the remainder of the character’s life.

3. Participating in Storage Unit Auctions

Once unlocked, players can:

  • Engage Annually: Players can participate in one storage unit auction every year, similar to regular auctions. However, only one storage unit event is available annually.
  • Bidding Process: Like standard auctions, storage unit auctions present a starting bid, timer, and options to bid or pass. Players can use the slider to determine their bid amount. Winning the auction reveals the items within the storage unit.
  • Selling Items: Items from the storage unit can be sold to the pawn shop. While some items might not be highly valuable, players occasionally discover precious collectibles. These collectibles can be showcased in a museum or sold for a profit.

4. The Value of Collectibles

While storage unit auctions can be a gamble, the potential rewards make them worth exploring. Some collectibles obtained from these auctions can be worth thousands or even millions. However, it’s essential to approach these auctions with a sense of adventure and curiosity, as not all items will guarantee a high return on investment.

Conclusion: Embracing the World of Auctions

BitLife’s storage unit auctions offer players a unique blend of risk and reward. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious Bitizen looking to explore new avenues, storage unit auctions provide an exciting opportunity to discover hidden treasures and enhance your BitLife experience.

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